I was approached the manufacturer of the BAKUSA tablet. Has anyone had any experience with it? I am thinking of getting it for my report writing.

Cheap for a reason…Get a real one .

As usual here comes Bob with bad information.

I have used bak in industrial applications. They are made right here in Buffalo NY and the company helped tailor a solution to a friend’s company for his OM manuals. PostProcess & BAK USA on Vimeo Where are you located that you met a sales rep? If you get one let me know how it performs for report writing.

Glad to meet an expert such as yourself… who ever in the h. ll you are.

From what I can tell the thing has only a 2 mp camera and 4 gb of ram. My phone has 20 mp camera and 8 gb ram so I guess watch the cute stories but maybe pay attention to the specs. I sure will not be doing reports with a camera that has those specs.