Balcony Hmmm

On my way to P/U radon monitors this am, an just had to take this photo.


Smoking balcony. :wink:

Juliette balcony.

Need balusters . cantilevered ] recommend sealant ] ]

I’d be surprised if the joists were cantilevered. The balcony is on a gable end of the house. The interior floor joists would be running perpendicular to the balcony.

Never assume.

That’s why I took the pic, and the one on the other side has been fixed already and not good at that.

Rough sketch, but you get the idea. Oops, spell check needed.

They need to have 2/3rds secured and fastened but I would never assume which way the joists are going from a partial home shot.

Go to and key in 032015

These are some pictures of a brand new balcony, at an inspection I did just last month. To this day, I do not know what was holding it. I refused to walk on it. 25 feet off the ground.

I wanted to get a shot of the other side but 2 people were out smoking on it. It was leaning and there where braces under it. I drove around and got this shot but they were still there even after I picked up the monitors so I never got a pic. I don’t think it is cantilevered from what I saw on the other side and I would not have been standing on that one. :shock:

I didn’t even see bolts in the ledger in those photos. :shock:

I do not see how you would from that angle .

I just recommended this one be removed

Amazing all the junk that is out there: old and new. Nope, no lag bolts. Nice lower deck, but did not have railings for a 10 foot drop. Deck issues are a top three for me, behind windows and roofs.

Whats wrong Charlie ?

Many people love rustic balconies . Rot adds to the charm.