Balcony issue

2004 model home with a balcony off a upstairs bedroom, the white “stuff” that looks like its dripping down over the flashing under the tile of the balcony breaks off and can be crushed into sand. The stucco ceiling below shows staining and cracking. the tile on top of the deck has the same white material in multiple areas of the grout.

Efflorescence is what I assume the white material to be. the tree growing is at the edge of the balcony against the block wall of the house. There are french doors below that show signs of previous moisture ( rusted latches, staining of the blinds and staining at the bottom of the baseboards) No active moisture present at the time of inspection.

Any additional thoughts for the write up? has anyone come across this before? what were the solutions/causes?

thanks Oh by the way, this house sold originally in 04 for 450k, next sale was 1.2 mil in 06, then short sold in 10 for 311k! Realtor bought it and flipping it over, not sure what its going for now. But I asked the listing agent/seller about the leak, he had no idea and it did not come up in the inspection that he had done. Recommended my services for his next purchase.




Do have a IR camera or know someone with one?

Looks like EIFS SYSTEM And the weeping is blocked and now live organic concerns are showing.
Did you tap on the tiles to see if the bond is weak?
Did you take a mirror to see if the weep holes are blocked if it is a weeping EIFS system?
Did you put a level on the balcony’s underside to see if the weather is being driven towards the home. At the wrong angle.
I see several Issues and do not know where to start seeing the photo,s only.
I hate flippers for they increase a homes worth for nothing but profiting for a few moments in time.
I see the drip flashing is dirty. It should be a kick drip to not let water return under the balcony.
I see blocked weep holes, if it a weeping system. I think it is.
The tiles look like they need to be addressed and moisture has intruded. signs of effervescence on the grout… Is the balcony sloped 1/4 inch per foot.
The cracking is moisture again from weather intrusion on eifs.
I am just giving you my view of what I see.

Hard coat stucco system here, Block walls scratch coat, finish coat. no weep screeds installed. Deck is pitched toward the outside edge, no indication of ponding or water pushing back toward the exterior wall of the home. Thinking the most likely cause of the water intrusion below the deck is the flashing from the exterior wall to the top of the deck.
No infrared here, area is dry at the moment and have not had much rain to speak of recently, surface temperature readings are all even.

It is likely that this is a common defect. I pulled some photos of other properties for sale in the area with the same deck and they all have staining in the same areas. ( of course they are not close up shots)

thanks for the responses, I am trying to write it up now.

Just a question Mr.Dylon.
Why or even how can a plant grow out of a place that has no moisture?
That would be the question I would ask.
There would have to be enough loam to provide nourishment and that is no small planting.
I am on the InterNACHI tv stucco portion now and have been for 2 days on and off.
It might be a duel system hard and EIFS.
I am a mason and in hard coat applications the is no void or weep system allowing no build up and if finished flush with the balcony cement slab.
Where are the roots of the plant growing into? They appear to be growing into the block work and then the block joints are gone.
Also there would be a finish on the stucco at the wall and balcony.
The 90 degree would be water tight.
To me, the under part or the balcony was not prepared properly to accept the hard-coat and in the video they explain this is a common occurrence when you spot cracking stucco.
Anywhere hard to observe is also hard for the trades man to apply the process, and one should pay particular attention to these areas…
Just my 2 cents.