Balcony or Window ?

As if inspecting is not tough enough ,you gotta decide which heading to put this contraption under.
Is it a window or a balcony?

Here is a warehouse view…

Manufactured ,so I assume they are safe…:shock:

That’s pretty sweet. I would like to walk out on one and test it out.

Man the structure support needed must be massive. Somehow i doubt wood frame could handle it, The factory view shows steel H beams.

I know you knew,Bob. Just thought I would post it, just in case! :wink:

Notice how the floor is glass making me wonder if that tempered glass can crack through easily.
Sears Tower just put in a retractable balcony last month though I am not sure it was the same designer.
The one at Sears supposedly will not shatter and is some insane thickness.

I’d call it a baldow or a wincony.:stuck_out_tongue:

How about Porta-balc

I’d call it disclaimed!