Ball probe moisture meters

Looking for feedback on ball probe type meters from folks who have tried them. I did a little searching but didn’t turn up much, which may be kind of an indication of their usefulness…

I’m particularly interested in the Flir MR12 which can connect to the MR60 I regularly use. With a telescoping pole it looks useful for reaching high spots like the corners of closets when you don’t have a ladder in handy.

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I have used this one for several years, General DDM950 Works really well.

I also just recently purchased the Protimeter Reach Master Pro, but have not used it as of yet.
Protimeter ReachMaster Pro | Moisture Meter on Telescoping Handle

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I have one and use it often, there are a few limitations such as it giving a false positive when near a drywall corner (metal corner bead) and hitting the occasional nail on the back side of a roof! I would be cautious of using it on a pole because the electrical conductivity can result in a false positive. Think about sticking it behind insulation and hitting a nail out on the back side of roof sheathing near metal flashing.

Most of the time I’m just confirming my visual observations with the meter! I’m sure more experienced persons will jump in but I thought a FLIR (infrared) would be more useful.


I have an Extech version, works well. It has about a 4" reach, needs to be zeroed in before using on dry material baseline. Like thomas mentions, it gets higher false readings at corners and near metal corner bead, pipes, or water filled plastic pipes. The corners can still be determined for relatively high moisture by taking readings further away at a dry corner.

Use it mostly to verify, or not, moisture percentages at temperature anomalies discovered with an IR imager.

Appreciate the feedback, I’ve read reports of spurious readings from cornerbead and screws. But it looks like it’s worth trying out as an extra tool.