Bamboo House

Aloha All. Here’s some pics from a recent inspection on a bamboo house.

Conventional raised foundation with a solid bamboo structure on top. Cabinets, flooring, doors, ceilings, walls, all of bamboo. Not a stick of conventional wood in the home besides the foundation, there were some teak stair treads. Cool concept, beautiful workmanship, poor layout and design for our climate. Exposed plumbing pipes and electrical throughout. Termite heaven. Built in 2006 and the house has multiple issues with leaks, rot, drainage and pests.

Mike - KHIS



Beautiful home.

Thanks for sharing the photos.

My wife and I spent a week and a half last year in Kapaa; beautiful island!

Love it, too bad about its disrepair though.

I live in Kapaa, Andy. My family and I love it here.

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Thanks Nick, I’ll check it out.