Bang! Two Down - Two to Go

In my quest to attain the ICC Residential Combination Inspector, today I sat for and passed the B1 & E1 exams. If anyone is interested let me know and we can discuss it on this thread. Hopefully in about 2-more weeks I will have completed the full series.

Had no trouble with the B1 test finished it with a 1/2-hour to spare. The E1 test was much harder then I expected (should have studied) if it wasn’t for may background and being able to answer about a 1/3 of the questions without looking them up I wouldn’t have had time to do the 20 or so really tough questions.

For instance, they gave you Volt-Amps & Voltage you had to size the circuit base on the Ampacity Table. They gave you Type, Number of Conductors in a Raceway & Ambient Temperature in Degrees F, you had to size the circuit breaker. I do not believe that someone without a good broad-based knowledge of both electric theory & code will be able to pass this test.

Well in any case I passed, on to M1 & P1, wish me luck.

Joe B.,

Congrats. This will look great on your business resume’.

John B.

Great Job, you should be very proud…!


You raise the bar for most all of us! Congrats.

Nice job Joe. :slight_smile:
I didn’t think you really cared for open book tests though.:wink:

Congrats Joe!

I have been doing my studies as well. Greg has been a great help. I encourage everyone to get it done. ICC certification is great to have.

Congrats Joe,

I know that you have worked very hard for today.

Thanks for the support, scheduled today for M1 & P1 on May 1st, a week refresher for each subject will hopefully be enough time gear up to pass these two exams. Many folks who have already passed this series have said I passed the hardest two already, from their lips to God’s ear.

Done! Passed both P1 & M1, I can now apply for the Residential Combination Inspector Certificate, on to the next project.

Well done Joe.\:D/

Hi Joe,

Congrats, all 4 in a month is quite the achievement, and I hope it spurs other towards that goal (including me :oops:) well done mate =D> =D> =D>