Bank Inspection

Anybody ever inspect a new bank AFTER it already opened?

I do a lot of construction inspections for Wells Fargo but never inspected one of their banks.

So when I get there this afternoon the head Honchos from LA are late because their corporate jet left late from La La Land–))

I told the manager who I was and what I was there for–he said yes, we knew you were coming.

So I asked what areas of the building could I inspect…he said the restrooms and the break room, so I said great lets get started. I said what about above the drop ceiling panels—oh no–the alarm will go off–)))

I inspected those three areas in 15 minutes…went outside and looked at the Heat Pumps and main service panel (the distribution panels were in a secret room) so that was it for the electric.

Went on the roof–looked over the exterior, and waited from the the Head Honchos to get there in my truck.

When they arrived after my one hour inspection, I crossed out three quarters of the inspection agreement because they said there must of been a misunderstanding…we just wanted you to look at the overall condition basically…well I told them I cannot look at anything except what was outside basically…he said yes he knew that…how does it look…I said pretty good…–)))

He signed the agreement and handed me the check and I went inside and cashed it since they are the bank I do business with.

Told them to have a nice day and off I went…:lol:

Built a few and inspected a few.

Here is all I know about bank inspections.

A fool and his money are soon parted

***Some days I wonder what they expect us to do.

It’s always nice to get paid on time.

***Now we know why the bank fees are so high, Duffy :wink:

What’s next Dale, the Taj Mahal? :smiley:

very nice

A truck parked next to a bank with a couple of ladders laid up against the building dosen’t look suspicious. Not at all. I’m glad Barney wasn’t cruising past on his way to Dunkin Doughnuts.

Nice Truck, Dale!!


That’s too funny!

I just did a 5 story bulding where the first floor was a jewelry store. Pretty limited access on that one as well. I was nervous as hell that I was going to bump into something the whole time.