Bank of America will be offering you all a $25,000 unsecured line of credit by mail.

We have an agreement Bank of America to mail you this offer once by USPS and trust that those who find it to be junk mail will forgive us as we had no other way of presenting it to those members who may want/need it.

Since the last time you helped me with my credit (I didn’t get it reset by the way) I’ve been working on my credit score and have got it raise up by 50 points. It’s only taken me about three months to do this. I talked to my banker and she was very impressed and said it’s very hard to do in just three months.

I’ve managed to get some smaller credit cards and I am using those to build my credit back up. After three months of making regular payments on them, and all of them reporting to the credit bureaus, it’s suppopsed to raise my credit up to about 680-720 or so.

Thanks for the help Nick. :slight_smile:


I Will Be Looking For It

yeah, uh, hehehe, just’m have it forward to me via my friend wile e. coyote:shock:



25K is not the problem — The problem is the intrest and the payback

Give us the facts


Need O% for at least a year including all transfers.

Nick I will be looking for the info.


You never cease to amaze me Nick. Can’t wait to find this in the mail.


Is this being offered to everyone? Or again, does it depend on your credit rating?