Bank system shut down Florida

Just want everyone to know I try to make a deposit at BBT yesterday morning and bank teller told me they could not process deposits some terrorist attack their system and cause a shut down on all their computers. This is no joke it happen yesterday. I was told they do not know if any information was stolen.

Figures…I have not caught the news yet today. I am sitting in the Drs office again. Likely be here for hours as always.

Thanks It gave me something to do while sit here

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I just tried to log in to Bank of America on line banking and their site is “temporary down”. Hmm?

Low orbit ION cannon, maybe?

BoA has “problems” and they should be resolved, sometime in the near future…at least according to the news last night.

The dirve-up windows were down at my local BoA, had to go inside to make a deposit, this DoS attack may be the real deal.

The terrorists have won. I’m burying all my money in the backyard from this day forward.

Must be why I couldn’t confirm, or complete, making a payment at Capital One’s site today. In red letters “an unknown error has occurred”.

and what is your address?:wink:

Hahaha. Nice try…

I have been depositing checks by phone for the past couple of months…works great 95% of the time. the other times it doesn’t , is due to poor penmanship.