Banks Admit Bailout Won't Work

Go figure :roll:'t-Work?tickers=mer,jpm,xlf,^gspc,^dji,c

I’m surprised that this admission came so dang early! I wonder how the media and the Repugnantcans will spin this … :roll:

Hardly a Republican only problem.

The Dems where falling all over themselves to get the “bailout” passed.

Bipartisanship at it’s finest! :roll:

I think I like things better when each side stays on it’s own side of the aisle.

Here’s Bush’s reaction…

That whole damn bailout was a waste of time and money. They simply fed the banks with tons of money (in order to start loaning out to businesses) and now that they feel a little more comfortable with cash in their pockets, they will now hoard this useless bail-out money, because they do not want to feel broke again.

As I stated before, we are in for one rude awakening. And to make it worse, the presidency is even screwed up.

The Banks are the problem, started the problems, and continue to feed the problem.
The only thing they should get in the future is a whipping…:twisted:

If the damn banks are too much of pansys to loan money, then the fed should just do it themselves, instead of this bulls*** bailout funny business. Bipartisan stupidity at its finest. :roll:

I don’t see anyone jumping up to say I have the perfect solution. They didn’t listen to the economists that said this wouldn’t work and now they are all running around trying to cover their butt. Congress is useless.