Banned in Vancouver

Doorknobs! By code starting next year doorknobs will no longer be allowed in new buildings. Why the hatred? Eh?:smiley:

That’s not all that’s banned in Vancouver, every time I see this sign it makes me wonder, OK, so where are the nukes then? In Surrey… Abbottsford?:stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe it was one of the doorknobs that put the sign up!:mrgreen:

I believe the point is - “germs being spread through many hands of contact with door knobs”. Why not consider lever type handles, which actually can open through less contact, even my arm or elbow. The other consideration - universal design (aka - barrier -free design).

But regardless, I still do like Doug’s comment about “doorknobs”.

We haven’t used doorknobs in years, an ADA requirement. (Commercial applications)

I was reading the Sun this morning and someone sent a letter to the editor regarding Vancouver banning door knobs.

He opined that if Toronto Did that they would have to get rid of all the city counselors .:mrgreen:

Agreed and should be silver coated to prevent germs in certain areas.

Door Knobs lolol really only in Canada or should i say Vancouver . Oh can it come to this . need germs to build immunities against them . that is where to start ban some of this hand solution they use every 5 sec.

I agree immunities against germs are better on kids who have been raised on a pig farm where they get to play in the poo .

True to some extent but understanding why that is not well understood by the majority.

That’s just the tip of Vancouver’s iceberg… imagine being forced to perform a blower-door test and weatherize your home if over 7 ACH whenever you do a $5000 renovation…

Or R-22 minimum bylaw req’d in walls…
Or R-50 req’d in attics…

Lots of fun living here.

I bet that there are a lot of $4,999 renovations going on over there.

I agree they just might have two or three of them on a home

LOL… that made me spit out my coffee :slight_smile:

Seems a lot of people making laws in Vancouver have heads that are fur bearing doorknobs…

Why don’t the people in Vancouver just drop the term “Door” out of the banning? That way all the problems will be solved because there’d by no-one left to make up these stupid rules!

Hippies are to lazy to open doors don’t you know. Just kidding!! :wink:

We could use a few “Door knob” bans in Toronto area also.

We could use a few “Door knob” bans in Toronto area also.:mrgreen:

I blame it on Canadian Health care lol
I blame it on Canada
I blame it on Bush
Perhaps there is just nothing else to complain about
Wait a second I just bet there is a hatred on Door Knobs , damn you Canadians Door knobs have rights too.