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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to the bus. and just getting started. I just joined the organization and I'm wondering if anyone out there is using the Hometech BAR report. I've personally seen it used by inspectors for homes that I've purchased and would like some opinions.

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I used the BAR a long time ago back before most of the current NCR forms came into being and software that you can take with you on site. I used it for several years and never really liked it much. It was costly and frankly I ended up having to hand write everything anyway. I also ended up tossing out a lot of the extra garbage that was not applicable to my area of the country. There are several good threads around the BB where people who have tried a lot of the newer report systems. You can go to one of those and get a feel how the newer guys feel about them and some of the old timers. I am currently using an NCR form I developed myself over the last 5 or so years but am still massaging it. I also am moving into the handheld PDA system with wireless printing. Find something that works for you and makes your job easier, not harder as some forms do. There are a lot of great guys on the board that can advise you on software and programs that will help you transition in the business and help keep your liablilties to a minimum. No form will make you a better inspector and that is where you need to concentrate the most efforts. This place is a good start. Find a local chapter of NACHI or help to form one if it doesn’t exist. There are a lot of software and NCR form vendors that have discounts for NACHI members. Give as many of them as you can a try and find the one that you like. Everyone is going to tell you the one they are using is the best. Only you can make the final decision. Good Luck and welcome to the business.

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problems you have to HANDWRITE every one because they don’t have any defect comments there to work with. In short unless you want to be a cheesy/sleesy inspector its junk.