Barack might be right

So for 8 years we couldn’t talk to Iran unless they gave us all the things we wanted before we talked to them.

Then candidate Obama says he would talk to our enemies and got attacked by the idiot from Alaska ans the old guy from Arizona.

9 months in office. He’s mended fences with a lot of countries including the Russians. Got them to participate seriously for the first time. And what happens.

Sits down with Iran and gets a promise of access to a hidden facility and a proposal that would alleviate the threat of an Iranian nuke. And you right wing wackos complain because he gave the Iranians 2 weeks to make it happen.

Now I’m confident that President Barack Obama understands the wisdom of Ronald Reagan. Trust but verify. And freely admit it’s only a first step with a slippery customer.

His actions position our nation to get more cooperation from others if the Iranians renege. Uses our strength and his leadership wisely to return us to a position of world leadership that your boy squandered.

Way to go Mr. President.

There is no room amidst the hatred and loathing for fact. Anything that the President succeeds at…to them…creates fear of reelection. They would prefer an unsafer world, a failed diplomacy, with tougher economic news. The country’s gain is their loss. Expect no accolades for the President of the United States from those who have been attacking him.

There is so much we don’t know. You can not judge a President until all the facts are in. He will be out of office by then. Most did not like Reagan’s policies in the beginning either. So far Obama’s foreign policies have done no harm and moved us in a positive direction.

The phrase “peace for our time” was spoken on 30 September 1938 by British prime minister Neville Chamberlain in his speech concerning the Munich Agreement.[1]]( It is primarily remembered for its ironic value. The Munich Agreement gave the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler in an attempt to satisfy his desire for Lebensraum (“living space”) for Germany. The German occupation of the Sudetenland began on the next day, 1 October.

Less than a year after the agreement, following continued aggression from Germany and its invasion of Poland, Europe was plunged into World War II.

Obama is a peacenik that will make deals and talk with anyone, all the
while telling the world he wants to disarm the U.S. It makes me feel like
singing Kumbaya… (each time a deadline is laid down, we can start the
talks again… and again… and again… Kumbaya)

Many of those talks were to buy us time to prepare

You mean give them time to prepare! Iran said on the day they revealed the other facility that they would allow inspectors into the site, obam’s talks had nothing to do with it, they came after the fact. One day soon, you will hear oops, Iran now has a Nuke. Do you really believe they would build a second secret site, announce that they had done so, then just say O.K. you win? America is not the Great Satan and we don’t hate Israel!

Simply substitute Iraq for Sudetenland and Iran for Poland? :shock::roll:

Can’t let all those big, expensive nukes gather dust. :mrgreen:

And has any “deadline” been laid down yet?

The US has known about this site since early 2007 and knew Iran was lying and denying. Why negotiate with liars? What would that get you?

Glad to see the political talk creeping across the MB again. :smiley:

You guys got anything on Bush/Obama for the plumbing section???:wink:


Israel has already been given the thumbs up to take it out. And justifiably so. You can’t allow someone who has publicly vowed to wipe you off the face of the earth have a nuclear capability. And they won’t.

The president will be shocked, shocked when it happens. Plausible deniability. [Wink. Wink.]

I hope you’re right Joe. Israel is too small,(geographical area) to take a chance.

For the plumbing section…

No matter what we get hosed!

The talks before WWII were just to stall so we had
Time to prepare** for WWII

I am right.

The only “diplomacy” that is going on is along these lines: "Look, understand this. You’re not getting a nuclear bomb. Now, we can do this one of two ways, the easy way where you save face or the hard way where the Israelis clean your clock.

???Where the blazes you from,…anyhow??

John, how much talking did we do to prepare for WWII? Japan bombed Pearl Harbor!!! You sure you have the right war! We had a plan in place before that anyway I bet. By the way, I would be willing to bet not only have we prepared for this war years ago but modified the plans many times. Iran is nothing new here and Obama should not be suprised.

Your initial premise, that the Bush Administration didn’t talk to Iran, is flawed. The Bush Administration have many lower level and Ministerial level talks with Iran, both before 911 and after. This is a common misconception which has been fostered by Mr. Bush’s critics, over the years, but it is not true.

Wait and see.

Will, We can’t “wait and see”.

The Cowboy diplomacy of the Bush Administration was a catastrophic failure on all fronts. Remember “the axis of evil”, and their, “Your either with us or against us” policies. They didn’t work out so well especially in regards to North Korea.

Iran must not be allowed build a nuclear weapon. And Joe is right, If we don’t, Israel will make sure of that.

The Iranians have a small window of time to comply and they know it.

Randy, WWII was fought on two fronts. European theater & the Pacific theater. I think John was referring to the European theater, Which we were heavily involved in behind the scenes well before December 7th 1941.