Bare live wires

Hello All

Owner was changing kitchen light to put in a ceiling fan and found live wires that were cracked and bare (baseboard heated apartment).

Wire was stripped back and the further back the wire was fine but will be to short to put back in the box.

Can you put some sort of heat shrink around the wire or should it be completely replaced or a junction box in the ceiling to extend the wire.

It really looks like all the wiring needs to be replaced. Other boxes reveal the same cracking. House is around 50 yrs old.

Thanks for your interest


This to me looks like it could be more serious then you might expect.
Think of a pair of socks.
One has a hole in it .
The other is just about to get one too.
When you car tire is worn out the rest should be replaced also.
This requires an Electrician to come in and see what is needed.


Good advice Roy !!!

Sounds like the old cloth cover stuff, and once you start playing with it , it often needs new wire pulled through.
Advice was right on.

There are several home brew repair remedies for this condition, but it’s a little bit like taking cough syrup for cancer. The cure is replacing the affected cables and conductors.