Bare live wires

Hello All

Owner was changing kitchen light to put in a ceiling fan and found live wires that were cracked and bare (baseboard heated apartment).

Wire was stripped back and the further back the wire was fine but will be to short to put back in the box.

Can you put some sort of heat shrink around the wire or should it be completely replaced or a junction box in the ceiling still being accessible to extend the wire.

It really looks like all the wiring needs to be replaced. Other boxes reveal the same cracking. House is around 50 yrs old.

Thanks for your interest



Look at it this way - if it was yours and $$ was not an issue what would you do???

When it has been my home I replace if possible the bad run (a weekend project with beer and TV rest time)

I have also used tape and shrink tubing

When something is at the end of its service life be it stove, furnas, HVAC, roof, tires, car, ELECTRICAL WIRING replace or a lot of repair.

Remember splice box placement rules. Even knob and tube wiring can still be safe if maintained properly.

My thought is that this is a good judgement call and a lot of people do not have good judgement

Just thoughts



Looks like this is a rental unit – Different answer – get an electrician with insurance (keep a copy for his records)

Pull permits - have required inspections and do it right and up to current code (AFCI and all the rest)

How long would you take if you lost a loved one in a fire because your landlord had unsafe wiring to sue???


Thanks for the answers.
The wire(s) will be replaced. Seems that is the only spot for that kind of wire. Lots of other issues though. wire placed behind baseboard and not protected, neutral and hot wires crossed etc, etc,