Bare wire outside breaker screw - question

I was inspecting an electrical panel, and there is about 3/4 of an inch of bare wire showing outside the attachment point to the breaker screw. Looked all over for a reference, couldn’t find one. I got that tingly “this isn’t safe” feeling… wrote it up. However, for next time, can anyone supply a reference for how much of the bare wire showing is too much? TIA

I guess I must be confused I don’t see barb wire.
Please point to it.

Ken… S-L-O-W down and read again. B-A-R-E wire!

OMG…I was reading it on my phone. Now that’s funny sh*! right there.

Not good practice but no big deal.
I would not even comment on the Excess striping of the wire .

How about barb wire? :slight_smile:

You mean the one with the “striping” on it?

Yeah I was poking fun at my self. Still can’t believe that is how I read that.

I know. My comment was aimed at Cooke.

Laura, I think Article 110 of the NEC loosely addresses that problem. I’d consider it work performed in an other than neat and workmanlike manner (110.12), and (110.3) says Listed or Labeled equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the Listing or Labeling, which would leave bare conductor length up to the approved breaker’s manufacturer, but I’m not a Code Inspector. I still wouldn’t stick anything in there, barbed or not, something’s coming back striped. :slight_smile:

I almost lost my coffee onto my computer reading that. :slight_smile:

Nice one Robert!

Why is there insulation on a conductor? Safety.

Who should be the only one poking things in a electrical Panel? A trained Electrician.

Should you be concerned with the breaker lugs themselves being exposed? No.

What about the unused portions and much more exposed “Hot Busbar”? Uh, uh, uh… ?