Barn Door Fan

Anyone know a great deal on one of these systems? A really great deal on a used one would be nice. I want to add it to my bag of tricks but don’t want to drop the coin…

Scott, you’re not supposed to have your barndoor open during inspections.

very funny, but not very helpful…
Thanks anyway

What is a barn door fan used for?

Yes, what are you using this for Scott?

it’s used to pressurise a house then test for air leakage with an IR camera to test thermal efficincy.

Oh you mean a Blower Door.

Right, Bard door, is slang most of the HVAC guys I know use. Blower door is proper

Yes, I’ve never heard it called a barn door fan…blower door, yes, barn door fan, no.

Oh, it’s bard door?

Anyway, I remember a used (but quite new, apparently) blower door for sale on this board a while back.

Have you done a search here?

not sure if hes still got it.