Barry Stone says "Inspector should have photos of defects"

Inspector should support findings with photos of defect

Best way to keep yourself from trouble is with lots of pictures.
Yeah Yeah everyone should just trust you and your judgment but unfortunately everyone wants proof if available.

Barry answers a question in this article with…

Good read Bob. I love how he states the realtor told him it was illegal for the seller to be home during the inspection. It should be illegal for the realtors to be present if you ask me.


I have no problem with Agents at inspections and prefer it actually.
Though today is a bad day to ask that as the guy was an hour late and after telling me the all utilities were on we got in to water and gas shut off.
Had an area of wide open exterior brick and the guy insisted I see if there was moisture before worrying the client with it because after all there is a gap between the veneer and sheathing…lol

Will stop there however certainly can not conceive of any Inspector arguing most pictures are just fluff.

Notice most of these checklist guys with maybe a dozen or so shots dumped at the bottom are being silent so far.
My Home Inspection service here has always included lots of photos.

My inspections average 75 to 100 pictures per report. It’s digital and doesn’t cost anything to shot pictures as you move through the house.

Is that how many you take, or how many you include in the report (on average)?

I know I shoot way too many pics but my clients appreciate the thoroughness. I will take from 150-200 per inspection. Normally I will put at least 75% of the on the report. It doesn’t take that much longer to go through them and putting them into the report is gravy.

Who says you take too many?

I inform all parties in attendance not to be concerned with how many pic’s I take. They are my NOTES, and they do not necessarily reflect any defects. Everyone appreciates knowing this up front, and actually relaxes them throughout the inspection, and also prevents the constant “what do you see?” questions.

On an average 2100 sq/ft w/basement, I AVERAGE 250-275 pic’s taken. I will include however many are needed to properly address the issues discovered, an average in my report of about 50-75, which includes multiple shots of one defect if significant (close-up and overview).

Take as many as you need. Depending on the home, I take on average, 100-150 pictures…and those are just the clean homes! I have had several with over 200 pictures…in the report.

268 HD photos 3 days ago.
6 hours on the $1,000,000 Real estate property.
I IR image was a keeper.

Jeffrey. The client gets the full lot of images.

Take as many as possible.
Take them home an use as a notebook of defects of the place.

I don’t take notes, I take pictures of the notes I need.

Using HIP for an Inspection report? Piece of cake to download 200 + pictures in 5 seconds or more.

Add narratives to each picture if you want or don’t use some of the pictures.

It is great. :slight_smile: