baseboard heaters

how far does a baseboard heater have to be from the ceiling. I have 3 baseboard heaters 3 to 6 inches from the ceiling

during Operation temperatures were checked above the heater with infrared thermometer readings were 250 to 280 degrees

Key word there is BASEBOARD. No this should be called out ASAP.

That is what I said. Home owner wants to know how low they need to be hung.

That would all depend on the manufacturer of the baseboard heater. 3 feet is a minimum away from the ceiling however I cant see why anyone would want to put them up high anyways. They are designed to go along the baseboard for maximum heating and convection of cold air through the coil in the room to be heated.

Thank you Roy that did not really answer the question.
It says when possible install under a window, unit may be placed directly on the floor.

What if I want the unit directly below the window sill. Or in the middle of the wall

It also did not say you cannot mount it at the ceiling.

Ill check some books when I get home

I agree with why they are placed low. In this case they purchased heaters that do not fit the room, and are not happy I said it was wrong lol

3 feet would allow anywhere in the bottom 2/3 of most walls thanks.