baseboard trim...bulge...question

My pic. is not good…I didnt get a isolated picture of the actual
area !!!
It looked like a small bulge as the baseboard met the corner.
The baseboard not was cracked…it just was not straight over
about a 16 inch area.

When I replaced the baseboards in my own house…I noticed
the it was not perfectly straight…

I need possible causes for my report. I didnt see any strurctural or
water problems.

“The wall in the LOCATION(rooms-interior) is slightly bowed. Achieving absolute perfection while building a home is impossible and slight imperfections are normally only aesthetic issues that may never be noticed by guests. Sometimes, however, a defect crosses the line into a poor workmanship issue and only you, the buyer, can make that determination. We can elaborate, but you should have the builder or seller comment on the reason for the defect and you may wish to have it repaired.”

When involved in building,
The critical question to ask…
was of the Foundation Contractor…
Will you Guarantee the “Square”.?

Differential in the square of the foundation will impact all costs as you go up…
Cutoff Waste… Costs Money…

Where is the upper level plumbing drain?

Should never be in an exterior wall.

But is done on exterior basement walls with insulation stuffed behind. Often creates bulge in drywall as framing does not fully compensate for drainage piping. Noted in basements many times. Part of what I do.
By the way, not trying to be agaisnt anyone, just my observations over the years.:oops:I understand the home is in a totally different cimate from where I’m at, but from my experiences, it happens often here. Just a thought.

I don’t believe this is a basement . :roll:

Thanks everybody

… what was the identified and resolved issue

I wrote it up as a pipe in the wall…( going around it caused the bulge)
On the exterior wall in the same place…there was a clean out… So it
looked like it was the drain for the upstairs bath tub and shower.

But I added that opening up the drywall was beyond the scope of the
Home Inspection and they could seek the services of a licensed Building
Contractor to evaluate it.