Basement bath replumbing

I am looking for some input before I have my inspection done. I am adding a shower to war was an existing half bath. I have redone all the pipe in the drains. In the picture the shower and sink are 2" and the toilet is 3" . The sewer main line is below the plumbing pictured. I have a 1.5" vent from the sink to the roof.

The sink is to the right and the shower is down and left.
upload image online

What did your AHJ (city Permit inspector) have to say?

Waiting to schedule the inspection for next week. Just wanted some feed back from your site.

Scheduling inspection for next week. I just wanted to get some feedback from your site if there was anything that is a obvious problem.

Were is the vent and it is supposed to be pressure tested?
Here is mine from 2015. Permitted done by a plumber.

I’m in the middle of a bath remodel myself.

It looks like your toilet is upstream from everything else. I was reading up on vent locations for my install, and it seems the toilet should be downstream of the other fixtures (if possible). So I have a vanity hooked to a shower, hooked to a vent, then picking up the toilet last before exiting the crawl space. Not sure if this is right-I ain’t no plumber!! :stuck_out_tongue: