Basement beam and columns

I just wanted to share some pictures of an inspection I did this past November. The inspection was an 89 year old commercial building that was turned in to a residential dwelling about 30 years ago.

Deteriorated beam.

Deteriorated beam with my hand through it.

Rusted through steel column with added wood columns.

Close-up of the steel column.

Another wood column.

These were only a sampling of the defects found in the basement. There was actually water flowing through the basement.

LAST photo, looks like the floor was j-hammered aka, an interior basement system was installed, at least along that 1 wall… like this…
One won’t necessarily see any plastic etc paneling along bottom-blocks/wall.

Over the 89 years a lot has been done to this structure.
The wall pictured is not an exterior wall. But that is not to say that some past building owner was sold a pig in a poke.