Basement Dewatering System

Dumb, stupid, incompetent bulshtt…period!

Says, an INEXPENSIVE way to get rid of the water. Says there’s driveway outside…most economical fix??? #-o

Says who? B Dry or Hydroflo or the other 500+ inside system idiots? CMON!

Yeah, its letting water in…can you say mold behind that dumbaz paneling they put on?

And what about the possibility that a driveway/concrete slab can CAUSE these cracks in the basements walls, just leave them there…against the wall to cause further damage?

Or an underground root or expansive soil, just leave the likely causes of cracks or the WIDENING of cracks in the future, just let it happen eh, leave the shtt on the outside huh? ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

The cost of that basement dewatering crap was very likely, at least, $1,200.
VERSUS, hand digging that area out and waterproofing it correctly…says it was about 4’ each way, so 8’ or so…cost for exterior waterproofing is right there…around $1,100 to $1,200!!!
EXPENSIVE? And if there’s a slab in the way/against the one side of wall then you saw cut a 18" wide piece out which I would NOT recommend they replace

Economical, inexpensive, that’s just more bulshtt, period!

Blurry/Puddle of Mudd …everything’s so BLURRRRRRY every inside system’s so fake

Love those interior water maintenance guys John. Its like they only understand the dynamics of wallet stuffing using green backs:-).
I know you love them to;)

Mr Young, hope your doing well man :mrgreen:

Umm, SUPPOSED… ‘do and dont’s for crawlspace repair’. ](*,)

He says homeowner has had 2-3 companies out and paid for same old supposed bullsht interior repairs, out several thousand $.

And now ANOTHER inside system bubblehead will do MORE crap on the inside, more cash down the drain eh.

Eh, have any of these buttbrains ever thought the actual problems are OUTSIDE and that ummm duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ya have to go outside to, I dunno, REPAIR THEM!
Bowed crawl space wall, duh umm, ya see? Click each photo to enlarge duh pics.

This bowed in crawl space wall had no parging, no nothing on the exterior of the blocks. Guess what happens?:wink:
Multiple exterior openings, gaps etc on the outside of the crawl wall and umm, some DETERIORATED blocks, see here…

So ummm, on ANY crawlspace wall or basement wall that has ANYTHING like this then ummmm duhhhh, installing ANYTHING on the inside of the crawlspace or basement does not fix, repair this shtt, doesn’t stop water from entering etc.

Efflorescence, white powder on wall

:50 or so, somebody ‘tuckpointed? lol’ some of the mortar joints INSIDE, like that’s gonna do anything, pftt. #-o
1:10, says…'either way, the way we address that is footer tiles (ugh lol), footer tiles are installed INSIDE the crawlspace…

So again, even if/when the water is coming THROUGH the crawlspace/basement walls and that is causing part or all of the efflorescence, or mold, on crawlspace walls, they tell people to install an interior system. ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

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