Basement egress windows

Sir this from the 2021 IRC there is no mention of a sill in R310.2.3 I’m just trying to clarify what everyone is measuring to.

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Note: Exact window dimension DOES NOT MATTER for this measurement for Height compliance!!

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He’s really mad now. :rofl: It is also for the first time for you.

You never said that before. Don’t bother to mention the IRC your using either as if there is only one or the current version will be correct for all applications.

310.2.3 in the 2018 IRC deals with window wells.

Well that’s a problem right there. No one around here is using the 2021 IRC. They change the wording and the numbering as well as add things every three years. Unless you know the exact codes used for the home your inspecting there is little point in you worry ing about the specificity of the language.

I posted the correct language for the year used in Maryland (2018).

Evening, Marcel. Not only in Quebec, the Canada, National Building Code of Canada stipulates, an Egress Window must provide an unobstructed opening with a minimum area of 3.77 ft2 (0.35 m2), and with no dimension less than 15“(380mm). Seeing the OP is stateside I posted there requirements.

Evening, Mark. Hope this post finds you well.
Good for you. You are correct. Sill height is not mentioned in, R310.2.2
The next statute down, R310.2.3 mentions window sill height. R310.2.3 (Where a window is provided as the emergency escape and rescue opening, it shall have a sill height of not more than 44 inches (1118 mm) above the floor; where the sill height is below grade, it shall be provided with a window well in accordance with [Section R310.2.3)
Keep up the good work. Code is gridding. Much to read.

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Just curious, who would call this out over 1.5 inches?

And, measured with the window open.

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As a inspector l try to be reasonable but we also have to take into account the liability that could occur wether it is a lawsuit between a disgruntled buyer or a actual death is a wide gap and personally i don’t need either but if I have to choose i err on the side of a disgruntled buyer or seller. This was my first ask here and it was quite enlightening. Thank you all for the comments!


Bryce, “Your The Best!”

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I do code inspections for rental properties in Baltimore City. I wouldn’t call that out.


Bob, just curious, why wouldn’t you call it out? 44 inches is a set number, your e and o insurance would drop you like a hot potato if they knew you purposely put them on the hook. Again im just curious about the logic behind the statement.

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I think I told you. Maryland uses 2018 IRC. Baltimore City uses 2015 IBC. The wording is different. These are “code inspections” E&O insurance has nothing to do with it. As far as 44 inches is concerned I always thought that was a bit high, but no one asked me. A normal table height is 30 inches, children will have trouble pulling themselves up to that.

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For those not comprehending the EERO requirements, check this out…

Entraînement d'un pompier avec une échelle - Video

Now I know that a first responder sans equipment can fit between an 11" x 14" (154 sq inches) ladder rungs laying on the ground in France. This assumes their ladders are about the same as ours. Good to know; why?