basement egress

I’ve seen many newer homes that the basement wasn’t yet finished but has 9’ ceilings, etc & will most likely be one day that have not only the interior staircase leading to the first floor living space but also a secondary staircase leading to the garage. What I’m wondering is if the staircase leading to the garage would be considered an acceptable secondary means of egress or does the secondary means have to lead directly to the exterior of the home, i.e. egress window?

In Residential, egress must lead directly to the exterior. Now, my understanding (I see the same configuration on newer larger homes) as long as it remains “unfinished” it is A-OK. As soon as it becomes “finished” or a “bedroom” is added, those areas would need an additional Egress Point, such as an Egress window. Of course, your local AHJ will always have the final say, and is common for them to give a “PASS” for no apparent reason. (Take that any way you want).

Like Jonas said … Same here