Basement flooding and seeping tips

Put this together after all the heavy rains and wet basements we have experienced in Northeastern Illinois. Cirtique invited.

Hope this helps;

You might want to have your spell checker checked …quote from your site: “I have been flooded (no pub intended) with phone calls from my former clients,”

Fixed. Spell check didn’t catch it because ‘pub’ is spelled properly. :mrgreen:

I need an idiot checker for some of my writing. :wink:

Nice work, Will.

Another typo: “disconnect the mail electrical switch”

Pub intended?

Got it Tom. Thanks;

Still said “pub” when I just read it.

“…drywall should be installed at least a 1"” space above the concrete floor. This gap will keep water from wicking up the drywall and will help to keep it dry. If your drywall was not installed correctly, it is usually easy to just cut out 1**’** at the bottom…"

“Remember, cheap contractors to cheap work, which is not really that cheap in the long run”

“If you keep the basement dry (before you flood),…”

“These products will soak and an get to the roots of the mold.”

Really nice, Will!

ASAP, make sure that there is no electric wires that are under the water level
[FONT=‘Trebuchet MS’]ASAP, make sure that no electric wires are under the water level[/FONT]
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