Basement Foundation & Crawl Space

Goofy Steve was in there… … …

Mike are you asking as an inspector or consumer?

It appears to be a hybrid part basement, part crawlspace. Sometimes I see a full wall separating the two, sometimes a half wall and sometimes no wall like yours.

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Hi, Dominic. You may not be aware: New home inspector students going through InterNACHI’s Home Inspector Certificate Program are required to post essays on this forum. It’s a requirement for every online course.

InterNACHI® members should strive to improve the home inspection industry by sharing his/her lessons and/or experiences for the benefit of all, particularly those who are in training.

Please help those who would benefit from being surrounded by experienced inspectors willing to help others.



So is the OP a Student? If so he hasn’t stated that. He’s had multiple post over the last few weeks saying from this inspection, or today’s inspection.

They didn’t appear to be essays. Of course I could be wrong.


Well. that’s why I asked the question. His posts show an overall general lack of basic knowledge, and he never identified himself as a trainee or student. Perhaps you can have a special forum header for these questions.(If in fact he is a trainee, that’s not been established.)

I think that’s the overall gist of the tone here. When providing help, its beneficial to frame the response to the user asking the question, and their skill or knowledge level.

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Hi Mike,
One thing I don’t like seeing is what is present in your first photo. That is an undermined footing in the area of the black tubing at center-left of the photo, and I’d call that out in a heartbeat. I would have also investigated what purpose the copper tubing is serving in your last photo.


There was nothing out of the ordinary in that area other than the fact that it had not attic but cathedral ceiling. The basement foundation location had a typical attic.

Thanks Ben. These forums have been most helpful in my growth.

Agreed. I saw this just yesterday.

Thanks Darren, yes the tubing headed towards the water heater. What is that for, as the gas line is already being supplied.

  1. What you show right there is called “treeing” and that’s a no-no. Each gas appliance is supposed to have its own drop.
  2. Gas isn’t supposed to flow through copper, at least not in my area. The hydrogen sulfide in natural gas will corrode it.

So Darren, the gas is already being supplied with the vertical line we see in the picture. What was the purpose of the secondary line to the gas line (copper is not allowed from my research)?


That copper line likely feeds a gas fireplace insert.

Mike, from my office in Ne Ohio it looks like a few things wrong. It would also help if you update your signature to show your location.

Maybe the new student could preface their essays with something like “Hello, I’m a new student and this is a required essay. If you see something that would help me along, would you please tell me?”

Just a thought… :smile:

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Where is your area Darren.

New Jersey/NYC area. The BPU came out with a recommendation last fall to remove copper from the NJ IFC edition. A lot of the local towns now don’t allow it for new construction. I’m almost positive NYC no longer allows it. And appliance makers are starting to include language in their installation docs that state copper shouldn’t be used.

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Ben, my son lives in boulder and is house shopping, can you recomend a good realtor and a local inspector

I like,, and (because he’s uses a drone and he’s been in one of our videos). The video with Evan:

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