Basement Inspections

What is all the fuss about? :cool:



6-22-11 026.JPG



Was the Sump Pump full of Cobb Webs----:stuck_out_tongue:



The Metal Basement Well Liners needed some love.



Yeah, the Basements here are a B i t c h…time consuming SOB’s—:stuck_out_tongue:

Sump Pumps won’t suck Air…same ole same ole—:smiley:

And all the TOXIC MOLD we continually have to make sandwiches with, cuz there ain’t no other way to get rid of it–:stuck_out_tongue:

What did you inspect?

The Strip Club on Chandler Blvd?-----:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but I asked the Strippers for just Half a Dale Special as my heart can’t take the full Dale. :wink: :cool:

Today’s Basement

Bar / Kitchen area
Wine Tasting Room… :slight_smile:

Better than what I was looking at today

Well Bobby,

That’s a crawlspace with a nice high ceiling, not a basement. I’d be happy if we had crawlspaces like that here.
Brian and Joe have posted photos of the nicest crawlspaces I have ever seen. Ceilings even higher than yours. Nicer finish too.

I can see why some would charge extra to have to inspect crawlspaces like that. You could easily trip over the couch, or fall into the bar

Some basements are so bad that you just can’t seem to find your way out of them…





Sometimes the basement or drive in basement garage has a little storage that can partially obscure the foundation walls. Then youse have to look a little closer.

What do you mean? says the agent, your standards don’t allow you to move things. How else will my client get what he has paid for a FULL HOME INSPECTION. The other inspectors I use would move this stuff.

Is the window in photo #1 to low?
It can be a safety issue if you fall into it.
Egrees, window wells.
The sump basins are modern ( i will look further ) and the space needs to be cleaned. Not an issue to write up. IMO.

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