Basement leaking

I am a fellow inspector in south Florida and am considering moving to Fort Pierce. I found a house that my wife and I really like but is has one major problem. The house has a full basement and severely leaked 3 1/2’ during the past years hurricanes and continually leaks when it rains. The house is on a small salt water canal as well. I did see efflorescence on the walls and a bunch of sand on the floor from what appears to of come from the outside (obviously). In the lower corners of the wall where the wall meets the floor are small drains that look to be about 1" in diameter. This could be where the sand came from. The seller has stated that the walls are poured cells. The seller also stated that the leaking is only coming from one wall not all four. My questions are: Is there anyway of fixing this problem without excavating the exterior and installing a water proofing agent/material and a proper drain? Does anyone have any words of encouragement or wisdom on a situation like this. Also, any thoughts on the sand intrusion would be great and why it would only be leaking from one wall and not all four. Thanks.

If it’s not fixed properly you’ll be chasing the leaking forever. So the answer is NO. Cinder block walls will always leak, so either except it, excavate or walk away. Straight up answer, good luck.

or install a diving board:p

I thought we answered this same question on another thread?

Partially; I was hoping that more people would see it in its own thread. The thing that I am worried about is the water table. I would like an opinion from someone who has experienced this same probelm, where the water intrusion is mostly coming from the water table and if so is there any way of curing it or will the water always come up from underneath as well as the walls?

As I understand it basements are very rare in Florida.

As to water tables you may be able to find out more from your municipal building department.

As to having 3.5’ of water in the basement the same thing will likely occur again. On that note is a basement important to your needs?

Will a dewatering system work? How many times will the basement flood it sounds like it will be an ongoing problem.

What with increasing frequency and severity of hurricanes, we all know that hurricane severity will most likely increase resulting in more flooding and damage.

How big of a dewatering system will be required? What emergency power system will be required to keep it functioning during power failures?

What conditions have resulted in previous flooding episodes?

What are you planning on using the basement for?

Thanks for the info.

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Anyone here would just be guessing at the real deal as there are many things that could be contributing to a potential problem … some easy to fix, and some not. Have it looked at by a professional if there are concerns, or just assume it will leak and be wet.

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink:

Just my two cents. When I inspect a home and the wall shows signs of water, efflorecense, mold, peeling paint, stains, etc. higher than a couple of feet, I usually recommend an exterior dig to repair the damage that is allowing the water to penetrate the wall, along with of course, proper waterproofing.

However if the walls show no signs or they are low on the wall, an interior drain system will work extremely well. Water will only enter the basement where the floor meets the wall, the cove, when the water level is higher than the floor. A good interior drain, 4" perforated p.v.c placed inside the footer lower than the floor will stop the water from rising to the point of entering your basement. Yes it’s water control not waterproofing, but so what.

The reason only one wall is leaking may be the result of that wall being the low point of the exterior drain tiles. You can solve your problem on the inside for about 40.00 per lineal ft and approximately 500.00 to install a sump pump.
Only do the wall that is leaking, and you may never have to worry about the other three walls.