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i’ve been contacted regarding a “structural” inspection…person only wants me to look at the basement of this home. It’s on a hillside, so who knows what I might find. the listing even says, “decks restrained & exterior restrained” The caller commented about a “slant” in the kitchen floor.

Any advice on what specifics to watch for on this? I feel pretty comfortable with this aspect of inspecting, but wanted to ask the PRO’s!! :slight_smile:
any suggestions are much appreciated.

I had a client call a while back to inspect her basement only. It was a $400,000 plus home that she bought to flip and the contractor was dragging his feet about fixing the moisture intrusion problem so she needed documentation for her lawyer. The sump pump didn’t run during the half hour I was there.Not good.:neutral:

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Watch out for cracks (diagonal or vertical) on opposing walls, which could indicate the house is slipping down the ravine.

Slopping floors toward ravine would also be indicative of slippage. Also if you get a chance see if there are retaining walls and see if they are out of plumb. Also check neighbouring properties when you are in back yard to see if you notice any foundation cracks.

Good call very inportant information.

Roy Cooke

GREAT help guys. Thanks!
I know houses in the area are known for having issues b/c of being on the hillside. I’ll be extra careful.
thanks again.

Also another indication are large trees which are not longer vertical but now out of plumb, leaning towards ravine. That is if there are trees. :wink: