Basement Shower Drain

I inspected a home today that had a basement shower installed. The drain ran through the wall and out to a floor drain. Is this acceptable? What is your opinion?


Fast answer is no.

That should not be for waste.

Thanks, my thoughts exactly. Was a new one for me.

Lots of times they go to the sump.

I agree it should not go to the floor drain. It should go to a sump or a grind pump depending upon whether or not there is also a toilet in the bathroom as well.

It’s at least better than this one in a basement bathroom/shower.

Where is that drain anyway?

IMG_3696 (Small).jpg

I meant it should not go to the sump, to make that clear.(as in clear water yuck)

Michael - Is that why they put the space between the boards. :mrgreen:
Robert your right. The only drain you are allowed to in-direct is a floor drain.
Sump is for storm not sanitary sewer.

Yep. the floor drain was under the slat floor.

The water meter was under that bench in the pic I posted. I had a heck of a time finding it.

No access to the shut off valve as the shower bench was nailed together.:roll:

I think it would be OK here. Basement floor drains are to the sanitary sewer. How was trapping and venting accomplished?

yes wanted to correct my prev post, should not go to a sump just a grind pump of some sorts in most cases.

Ian , you must mean ejector pump.

We use them a lot in Illinois.

Finished basements are big.

Here is the direct link to a blog I wrote on my experiance.

Yes. The term used here is sewage ejector pump.

We also called them sludge pump, a more graphic description, don’t you think?
Is there a trap at all for that shower (you can’t count the one in the floor)?

A more graphic description would be the picture I used on the site.
How about s–t pump

I like it.