Basement stairway issue?

I was looking at a stairway for the interiors course, and I noticed some cuts in the wood framing against the stairway. One side of the stairs butts up against the ibeam and about halfway down the steps is where the jack is located.
The pictures are of the top and bottom of the jack. Is it normal to cut the boards around the jack as in the picture? My logic tells me I should see bracing on either side, and no jagged cuts with exposed nail. These cuts just seem wrong. Is this ok or should it be mentioned as a defect?

Reverse side bottom:

There may be some other issues in the photos, but cutting the top and bottom plates around the columns is normal.

Those are “floating walls”, so they are not load bearing. But if they install drywall, they will likely need to install that missing stud on the end for backing

It’s a “floating wall” so cutting of the plates is no biggie. The top plate should be fastened to the beam securely however on either side of the post.

Looks like @dhorton2 hit enter before me. :point_up_2::roll_eyes:

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Makes sense. Just not a clean look. Thank you all!