Basement stubbed in for a bathroom please help me ID everything.

A stubbed in bathroom in the basement of a five year old house on city sewer.
What are all of the connections? My understanding (clockwise from the top) would be the sink drain and vent (vertical pvc).
Next one is for the toilet (in the corner).
Is the next one (three inch threaded cap flush with the slab) a palmer valve?
The larger cap about7 or 8 inch which is also flush with the slab - is this the cleanout cover?
The last pipe is the shower tub drain.
Is this correct?
Also if the larger one (7 - 8 inch) is a clean out can this legally be covered with flooring?
Thank you for your help!
Have a blessed day!

Brad & Kelly 118.JPG

Can’t really tell from your picture, but the corner one looks to be too close to the wall for a toilet. 4.5 inches for a finished framed wall plus at least 14 inches from the side and 12 inches to the back of the finished wall or the toilet will not fit, or (fat) people won’t be able to sit on it because it is too close to the wall.

Was there a laundry area?

I would guess that the shower is at the top the toilet is at the right and the sink is on the bottom.

I think you got the toilet right even though as Eric pointed out it is to close to the wall. The 7-8" cap is for the tub/shower. If you were to lift it I would guess there is a 2" pipe in there. The sink is in the lower area of the picture. The pipe going straight up against the wall looks more like there is a sink on the main floor.