Basement Systems guest speaker Nachi chapter meetings lol

They wanna be your butt buddy, they want to get inside your heads so that, duuuhhhh, home inspectors will recommend them!!! They’ve been in some home inspectors heads for years

in-part they wrote, “Basement systems has maintanied a SPOTLESS record with the BBB etc… a network of 300 dealers, they say they are more than willing lolol to EDUCATE YOU, home inspectors, and they say they know home inspectors come across MANY lolollll basements and crawls that are in need of repair…”

Yeah of course, they wanna get in your head, befriend you, befriend as many home inspectors as they can… and then use you to recommend them. duh. I ask a simple question, is there any MONEY involved?

They claim this n that bulllshtt such as, they bring up shady sales practices, unfinished jobs, high pressure salesman etc… they slap lipstick n make up on 'em and try to dump on everyone else… which some HERE say i do… hahhahahaa! Yeah shit sure Sherlock

THEY said, a SPOTLESS record… hmmmmmmm, this is one of 300 ish

Spotless, yeah sure, whatever THEY say just has to be true and everything Bubba says is bullshit, RIGHT???

They brought up, shady sales practices, unfinished jobs, high pressure salesman etc… and wtf did some complaints have to do with? yeah pft
–workers showed up with alcohol on their breath
–they hit on my girlfriend
–they try to sell you a more expensive system
–salesman very pushy
–they quoted us $40,000
–biggest ponzi scheme, very aggressive sales team

Spotless, sure, just get inside as many HI heads as you can buy… and befriend them, right? yeah

Nah, never any complaints huh, just a spotless record everywhere right? shttttttttt

–they demanded more money
–broke bathroom tile
–unpleasant to deal with
–nothing but frustration and disappointment
–their product failed
–worst company we could have chosen, out$30,000
–promises made never kept
–sloppy unfinished work
–cracks in walls began appearing lolllollllllll
–sales people are pushy

What did Basement System write on Nachi…? huh?

So we have a handful + honest, experienced contractors trying to get a few honest words out to homeowners and we have little if any $$$ to do that versus, 300+ just Basement Systems alone with lots of green, then add B Dry, Everdry and many others versus a handful and YET------- quite a few Nachi home inspectors go out of their way to knock my dirty lil ass on here, lololl, yep all because they are either in-bed with 1 or more of these inside system co’s $$$ or they didn’t care for Marrrrkyyy posting articles about some home inspectors doing a shtty job that screwed over some homeowners, which is TRUE hahahaaa so they turned into lil weasel cry babies and ganged up to shit on Unc Bub’s, wonderful, great, honest inspectors… they can’t, wont call out these lying, scamming inside system mfrs but again they love to unload on Bubba Milk hahahaaaaaaaaa!