Basement Systems....

…Interior vs exterior #-o

2nd para, they tell homeowners ‘Exterior excavation waterproofing is a disruptive, expensive and OFTEN an INEFFECTIVE waterproofing solution’
(Eh, who is really making disparaging claims in order to bs homeowners so they can sell/install their inside system crap?)

3rd para they claim, to install an exterior drain contractors will first need to excavate with a BACKHOE. Before this can be accomplished, ANYTHING around the perimeter must be removed including porches etc etc.

They say, once the earth is dug up it’s laid in heaps in the yard…and most of the dirt is filled back.
I’ll stop here fer now, eh.

Now look at every exterior waterproofing job photo set posted if ya like :mrgreen:
Ok, here’s one…
Where was the dirt/clay placed? Where is it always placed/put in every photo set?
In the…STREET, not heaped in the yard. ](*,)

Was MOST of it backfilled? :-k
No!!! jesus.

Was a BACKHOE used? :-k
No!!! Always hand dug baby! (99.9%)

Was it INEFFECTIVE on ANY job/photo set done? #-o 36 years
No!!! Add Capizzo, John McEwen and others vast experience and decades of exterior waterproofing to that, pinheads!

Costly? :-k
In most cases it costs LESS to FIX/exterior the actual problem(s) versus installing an interior system and sump(s)!!!
This INTERIOR bs job costs over $15,000 and still leaks and, cracks are widening, more mold and more efflorescence!!! Could have done exterior waterproofing all-the-way around for $11,000 ish! ](,)](,)
And duhhhhh, it STILL needs exterior waterproofing so what the hll was soooo Inexpensive about installing the dumb azz interior system, please do tell!!!

And when a PORCH etc is part or all of the CAUSE of a bowed basement wall and/or cracks, leaks in the dang basement wall then you beter believe it needs to GO, needs to be removed, helllooo!
This job was a little over $3,000, PORCH cap etc was removed, dang skippy!
If I remember correctly, this nice woman had several other estimates from INTERIOR Bozo system companies, over $5,000 for their sht so, what was more expensive? ](,)](,)](,)](,)
Yeah, she needed to put something/porch back, pretty sure she went with/paid for a wood porch and it didn’t cost that much, still less for everything versus an interior system which would NOT have stopped water from entering.

Hmmmm, ok so lets take B Systems thought process, inside systems are more effective and cost less (supposedly, its nonsense!) HERE, an interior system and several sump pumps were installed…

They, the inside system co did NOT, or didn’t want to, determine the actual problems, causes…didn’t give a shtt most likely because they only install or want to install inside systems!
See what happened…huh? ](,)](,)](*,)
So did this homeowner SAVE a bunch of money? :-k Morons.

And some think I should be nice etc and not question the competence, ethics etc of most inside system companies?? Jesus, they are either missing the actual points,causes to most peoples problems (they don’t know) or, they know and don’t give a sht!@!@! They yap about DRAINAGE n crap versus talking about/understanding the real-actual problems and solutions to those problems!

Hello Mark had this basement leaking this week do U think we can git -R fixed with a little landscaping and some inside tracks to a sump pump:p:D.

Someone had drilled a small hole in the basement floor and I was able to see free standing water beneath the basement floor how big a pump do we need:twisted:

BTW I don’t claim to be an expert on anything except HVAC and thermal imaging but what I do know is one cannot fix a roof leak from in the attic and one cannot fix a basement leak from in the basement would you agree

lololol Mr B. :wink:

Roof versus basement…tree limbs fall on roof, causes damage to roof which then allows water to umm enter, what ta do what ta do? Errr umm, leave duh tree on duh roof and install beams, roof-anchors lol and drain tiles and a sump pump in duh attic? Might duh-damage to the roof get WORSE if one doesn’t remove the cause and fix duh roof correctly? :mrgreen:

There sure are some very sad people in this business.


Reading your posts and looking over the associated pictures has been a real education for me. Two years ago when I first started visiting this forum I was having water issues in my basement. I had an indoor snake oil salesman give me all of the reasons why his system was the best of any of my other options. I did not buy his milk. For 5 grand less I followed your recommendations and have had no issues since. When my contractor dug around my foundation there was almost 2 feet of water that had no where to go except inside due to collapsed greenfield that was installed back in the 70s. The clay around my home just acted like a pool liner. Many thanks for the education.

When ever people talk about using an inside system I give them the links to some of your post. Hopefully they make a smart informed choice.

Well shtt Mr Hannon, didn’t know you had a problem.
(you could have called, would have helped in any way I could, just sayin) :mrgreen:
Thank you much for your words.

Yes sir, the inside SYSTEM terds really do need ta be flushed down duh toilet don’t they. :mrgreen:

Mr Hannon,

Yesterday I missed your hilarious, “I did not buy his milk” !!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Tell ya’s, Uncle Bubba would buy HER milk in this video, oh yes Maam :lol:

Salma Hayek’s midnight run for milk, mmmm mmmm good