Basement wall collapses while workers were installing a french drain system inside

Same old incompetent shtt ](,)](,)](*,)

Company was installing a drainage system in basement, they j-hammered the concrete slab flooring around perimeter…on evening while the process was ongoing the homeowners were awoken to a load noise (Bammmmm!!!@!@!!) … ](,)](,)](*,)

These inside system morons don’t ‘get it’ and apparently don’t care!!! lol

well now they have a great opportunity to fix it the right way…just sayin…

lolol and how is Mr James TAday? :mrgreen:

Just like this homeowner (in 2nd photo and is NOT happy, got dat?),
he hired 2 interior system companies, is out over $15,000 and umm duh, his problems are getting worse and will continue until, unless, he gets waterproofing done on the Exxxxxxterior, backfilled correctly and I wouldn’t wait too long.
Jesus, we understand how he (others) feel after getting the magic-twanger, like who the fk can he TRUST after been ripped off by TWO sob inside system co’s, he’s out $15,000+ but Mr Homeowner, I, duh Bubba, am NOT these floating turds, got that? Should have seeked my az or someone like my azz out FIRST baby!
…just saying :mrgreen:

How about this house, basement, wall anchors were previously installed… loll!
EH, jesus people, did the STOOPID wall anchors ($$$$$) STOP the walls, cracks from moving, widening…huh?
A N D, duh basement still leaks, more mold etc be----cause, there are EXTERIOR cracks in the basement walls, helllooo!

It doesn’t leak because of some imbecile moronic belief, myth that the grade needs to be sloped better or the driveway slabs need to be mudjacked or replaced or the g dang DOG knocked off the downspout extension, or the HIGHLY POPULAR bulllsht line that the exterior drain tiles are clogged, come on! It leaks, like many do, be-----cause there are exterior cracks, period.

Rowhouse collapse, deteriorated foundation
'Even one loose or missing stone in a rubble wall - which can get dislodged as mortar surrounding it gradually DETERIORATES to dust - may lead to a collapse"

Hmmmm, deteriorated mortar etc, umm do they mean something like this/photo that NO interior system would repair/waterproof, huh???
Duh, did those blocks turn to dust?

Dust in the wind/Kansas …‘Bubba closes his eyeballs, only for a moment and the inside system companies R gone!’

Excavation project next door may have caused wall on house to collapse
F Dept dude, 'It looks like they got a little too close to that foundation…"

LAST paragraph, ‘Careful on the construction site’ :mrgreen: :wink:
“When there’s a heavy load on the ground next to a foundation, some of the pressure is TRANSFERRED to the wall. During construction, bulldozers and trucks that come near a basement wall can ADD enough surcharge pressure to damage the wall. A new building being built next to an existing basement can also INCREASE the underground pressure and damage the existing foundation… even parked cars can cause trouble…”

I guess the excavator(s) missed this article :mrgreen:

It’s all good here Mark…I hope the same for you Partner…