basement water, hydrostatic pressure, wet basement solutions??

Yeah shtt sure ok, whatever THEY say has just GOTTA be true, not!!

… water finds a WEAK SPOT typically between the FOOTING (not footer butthead) and the basement wall… RIGHT!!! That part is right.

And those ‘weak spots’ are most often cracks in basement walls or rod holes or where service lines enter through a wall or OTHER openings along or above ground level such as open, cracked, deteriorated mortar joints, bricks, gaps under door or basement window sills etc!!

The water that passes through these openings is seen in the basement often where the bottom of the basement walls meets the floor!!!

Do you under—frigggin----stand??? Damn man, scammers galore!

Video says, it STOPS water from entering the basement… NO it does NOT!
When water is entering through the shtt I just mentioned then water trek system or any other interior drainage system is NOT… stopping the water from where the hell its entering hence, it is NOT waterproofing you morons.

Water trek system does NOT alleviate pressure!!!
They are trying to bulllshttt people, period.

Exterior pressure from water or soil or underground tree roots or settled concrete slabs AGAINST a wall is ‘alleviated’ outside!!!

You gotta removed it to reduce or alleviate those pressures!!! DIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

exterior cracks and basement seepage and some mold caused by underground tree roots AND lateral soil pressure

How the HOLY HLLLL would WATER TREK system or any other interior basement system… STOP further water from entering the basement and… how would it remove, relieve roots and clay soil on the outside of the stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooPID walls??? Idiotzzz!!!

Example, a g dang tree lands on your g dang house… ummmmm pressure aka weight of DUH TWWWWEE causes damage to your dumb roof! So what the hlll is your dumb azz going to do to relieve, alleviate this pressure/weight? Install a water trek system and sump pump in the ATTIC? HUH? Your outta your mindzzzz! Your full of shhttt, your bullshtting homeowners. The ONLY way your dumb azz could relieve, alleviate the pressure on the roof would be to…ummmmm… remove the tree!!! Then you would repair the damage to the roof on the outside!!! To keep water, pests out!!! Fk me. looolllll

Example, your in a sttoooooooPID boat and that stoooPID boat hit a fkg rock that causes damage to your pathetic stooPID boat which then allows water to enter your boat… what are you going to do?
Install a dumb azz water treck system and sump pump in your boat or around your boat??? HUH???

You dkkkweed people and your scamming advertising ads/videos etc are screwed up in the head, your full of trash, full of lies and deceit!!!

Now i have pressure in my azz, you know how I’m going to relieve this pressure? Huh? I’d like to alleviate this pressure on your face!