basement waterproofing adam helfman hire it done

hmmm, may we ask, does he have ANY hands-on experience in basement waterproofing? Answer is no.

he charges and then recommends 2-3 ish local companies who PAY him/show, yes pay him

As usual, some misleading, false claims… and keep smiling cuz people like that and think oh, he couldn’t possibly not be telling me some things I really need to know, he seems to nice.

No hydraulic cement in/over any cracks or rod holes etc Mr Helfman? No mention of that… just tar and visqueen and notice 2:20 the visqueen… way too long and onto the drain tiles… it will get pulled down (the top) because the backfill will pull the top down, exposing the top of any vertical, step cracks that had no hydraulic cement applied to ‘em. If some of Bubba’s videos where it was done like this in his video… the visqueen was pulled own 1-2’ and think, why were we called and hired to do it over again… huh?

So up to around 2:30 on the exterior he shows NO cracks in walls, no leaky rod holes etc etc, nothing on WHY these areas supposedly leaked, was a perfect opportunity to SHOW us all the cracks etc but nope.

Then yaps about a dry well, not necessary! Just more bs to pop the cost of the jobs…UP! Hmmm, we’ve never put one in in 35+ years and no problems, gee whiz.

2:45 he claims, if you have a driveway or deck you NEED to install an interior basement system and sump… NONSENSE, that’s total bs.
Watch some of our videos, you can saw cut 18"–24" inches off the edge of driveway to give one enough room to hand dig that side and a deck can be removed, partially or the whole damn thing. Sometimes one can dig under a deck, not remove any part of it, see some of our videos for pete sake.

Hey Adam, when crack(s) in walls occur because expansive soil caused the crack OR underground roots or a stump (see out videos! duuuh!) CAUSED the crack or caused a wall to bow in then, are you telling homeowners to LEAVE the cause, not remove the cause of the problems and install an interior system? Yes, that’s what he thinks. More incompetent crap. Just allow the wall or cracks to get worse, deteriorate or widen and allow further water to enter, possibly cause mold etc, wonderful advice.

2:55 notice when he goes inside the basement and shows them installing an interior system and sump, SEE the basements WALLS? No cracks… so that leaves the possibility (as to supposedly why this basement leaks in these 2 areas), leaky rod holes or a blockage etc in the lateral line OR… it didn’t leak in these 2 areas/walls and they bs’d the homeowner to do 'em anyways, yep. Rod holes can be done on the inside, do NOT need any interior system or sump! If it was a problem in lateral line, they need a plumber not an interior system.

Say again, he had a perfect opportunity to SHOW us all why this basement leaked and, he didn’t…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Could have shown us 1++ cracks in wall(s) or, leaky rod holes etc but nope… now why do you think that is? SCAM.
One spends 5-6 minutes on a waterproofing video, he was outside and inside and doesn’t show us why it leaked? Come on people.

Tree roots against basement wall, caused many of the exterior cracks in wall and the subsequent seepage in basement… so Adam, leave these roots against these walls and leave the cracks OPEN and allow more water into basement, right? These roots wdere under concrete patio, no problem!

So if these roots, stump were on-against a driveway wall or under a DECK,leave these roots against, along foundation wall and leave the stump against the wall and leave the exterior cracks open Adam and install an interior system?

What does Fairfax county say versus Helfman? Driveside or deck or not… clay soil, cracked, bowed walls
scroll down to Basement Wall DAMAGE,

So Adam would have one install an interior system and sump on driveway side wall or if there a deck on leaky basements like this too? If NOT, why didn’t he say so, had lots of time Mold, efflorescence on basements walls because water was entering through exterior cracks in walls, just leave them OPEN right Adam?

Yeah, looking like a real nice guy and smiling will bs quite a few homeowners… all the way to the bank.