Basement waterproofing and drainage

Drainage around the home is one of the most neglected areas that I see during a inspection. I have seen many serious problems arise when something as simple as piping the downspouts away would have prevented the problem. I have also seen many basements that did not have any or very poor waterproofing, but did have very good drainage around the home which actually prevented moisture intrusion or was so slight/minimal that it was hard to detect.

Hmm, throughout 38 years we have seen differently.
Short video of a leaky chimney area. There WAS concrete where I’m standing, where we dug and it was sloped away.

So mudjacking that slab would not have stopped further water from entering the actual-problems, existing defects, Adding soil over the slab loll would also not have stopped the water from where it was entering.

Water was getting in basement, out the chimney-chute door, because there were exterior openings BELOW the slab, below the conceret AND… above the concrete, in the chimney, through cracked,deteriorated open mortar joints etc so, NO grading, no mudjacking fixes/waterproofs/tuckpoints ANY of the actual–existing problems, period.

Hmmm, throughout 38 years we have seen differently.
Here’s a short video of a homeowner that was getting water in basement out the chimney chute door. There WAS concrete where I am standing/where we dug and the concrete was sloped away.

It leaked because there were exterior openings below grade, below the concrete and… above grade through open-deteriorated mortar joints in the chimney.

Grading, mudjacking doesn’t fix/repair/waterproof/tuckpoint any of these.