Basement Waterproofing, few more PIC`s

Next time someone on the street comes up to you n asks... 'What time is it?' ....tellem, ‘Well, it`s either 6:15 or MICKEY has a hard on’

Water comes out of chimney chute door and along cold joint/cove and onto basement floor. Several reasons for this, where water/rain FIRST-ENTERS…

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Pics 2,3 digging it down outside, ONLY where necessary…ONLY where they get water on floor inside. Dont have some idiot contractor tryn talk ya into all the way around house when you ONLY get water on floor in 1-2 areas. The WHO…'We won`t get FOOLED again! No no! ’

4,5 Oh yes, water can wind up in hollow blocks and onto bsmt floor after entering through openings around bsmt windows. And/or, some water could run down wall behind paneling and you may not see/notice it, you may only see it on basement floor but, all that matters is WHERE the damn water is FIRST entering, not where it winds up/accumulates on floor.

6,7 Open mortar joints can indeed allow water to enter, uh huh, especially on those longer wind-blown rains, yeppers. Or if water from sprinkler is nailing yer house/bricks…stop that!

8,9,10 Hairline cracks, yep, lots of water can first-enter THROUGH these lil cracks on outside, stays inside cores of block wall and HO ONLY sees it enter onto floor, along cold joint/cove. Sand that was backfilled DID help limit amount of water that would enter but obviously doesn`t SOLVE the problems,cracks etc.

11,12 Openings under sill, sill sits on top of hollow block wall, lots of water can first enter here as well. Pic 12, tried to show ants going in n out of gap under sill, termites can easily enter through these openings. Their lil home/openings inn out is about to be taken away, so sorry lil fella`s!

13,14 As usual, no probelm w/drain tiles, none/zero,nada…and is NOT why water enters through cracks and other openings, believe what ya like.

17,18 Just about done, WHERE is all the so-called damage to the landscaping? HUH? Tired of that SHTT!

This HO will also need some minor tuckpointing further UP chimney, other openings in mortar joints. Openings above grade are just as important as cracks/openings in bsmt walls.

One more thing, had 1 person say something about tattoos on one of my guys, lolol. They kinda felt it was important for crew to wear uniforms, holy Krist!

Hey, would you rather have a guy who has some tattoos that cares about what he is doing/fixing your leak and  has MORE experience than most OWNERS of ALL OTHER companies on this planet or, would you rather have some guy who is wearing some pretty company uniform, same shirts who... MOST likely has very lil if any real-experience and only cares about how much he`s getting paid and when he gets to go home, huh? What the fk, like some goofy uniform means your going to get a better waterproofing job???  I got news for ya, yer outta your mind, NONSENSE!  

Bush/Cheney/Inside waterdiverting knotheads