Basement waterproofing, interior companies, ship of fools

duh ummm, “Is there something else I should know? Something hidden down below…” B. Seger

Couple struggles to recover $$$

Unfair basement waterproofing sales practices and dat supposed lifetime guarantee bllshttt

Homeowner awarded $50,000, chump scamming waterproofing company

Best to check and read duh BACK of any contract you sign, got milk?

And how about duh ROOOF…ers, causing damage loool scammers

Here’s another wonderful interior basement system FER ya’s… how could any supposed, self-proclaimed honest, experienced waterproofing company tell any homeowner like this one to install a dumb azz interior system and a sump pump, homeowner out $15,000 …MORE------------------ons!

On that ship of FOOLZ, Bob Seger