Basement waterproofing, many homeowners continue to get ripped off, lied to, mislead

Just like this homeowners was lied to, mislead… RIPPED OFF!
Thankfully for him and his family, they were awarded $50,000 in damages.

General manager’s sworn deposition, his sales rep’s… “Every week they go out and LIE” Basement Waterproofing |Lying Salesmen|AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation | Basement Waterproofing Hazards

Homeowner says, “I bought the wrong solution based on their representations… a worthless, bogus free inspection, their come-on was slickly delivered by a so-called senior inspector who used a combination of MIS-INFORMATION, FALSE PROMISES and HIGH PRESSURE TACTICS” Basement Waterproofing | Worthless AquaGuard Waterproofing “Free” Inspection | Basement Waterproofing Hazards

Clay bowl effect, myth or fact? It’s a MYTH baby, bogus, fake claim!
Clay Bowl Effect – Myth or Fact? | Basement Waterproofing Hazards

Just like a different interior company bs’d this young couple, read CAPTION… in part says, “They advised us (advised pffttt lol) it HAD to be done on the INSIDE… we have since learned this should have and can be done from the outside”… right! sheeesssh peeps, stop letting them BS you!

My 40 years in this business has shown me n my guys that, it’s quite rare, least here in Michigan that an interior system and sump is needed. I’ve seen it could have been used/installed on average about ONCE every 5 years, this includes all the estimates I’ve run, all the leaky basements seen. (Yet just about ALL companies only recommend and install interior water-diverting systems, hmmm. The short of it— they make MORE money installing interior drainage systems better for…THEM! And, installing an interior system is MUCH MUCH easier)

I’ve talked to many in Ohio, Indiana, PA, ILL etc… same thing.

Now maybe, just maybe let’s say in New Jersey swamplands and other such areas, my guess, just a guess is it’s possible there could be a higher rate of usefulness but i doubt too much of a jump, Each leaky basement needs to be correctly identified/determined BEFORE recommending anything so those who have finished basements and have a leak +, imo it’s a very good idea for YOU to remove some of the drywall etc in order to ascertain your actual problem(s) in order to get the correct-solution.

Will say again, when there actually is a problem, excess water UNDER a basement floor, it’s been our experience that most, not all of the time that water was building up under the floor from one of more of the following, a possible blockage/break etc in the lateral line or, a problem with an existing sump pump or a floor drain (s) that was cemented over (to even up the floor aka make the floor tad more level for carpet etc), and needs to be snaked or a leaky, dripping water line or sprinkler line/system… stuff like that. So if you have 1+ of those and install an interior system then your not actually fixing whatever the real existing problem usually is, they are just trying to control the water level under the floor with the system. ‘Some’ can get a build-up of water UNDER their floor from water getting in through a block, brick wall when the floor is RAISED. And watch out for any basement that has a WOOD raised floor or sections of, watch the hell out for that crap.

These interior system dorks will tell you, will call it… hydrostatic pressure but again, WHY—where is THAT water coming from, why is it accumulating under the floor? Got that, feel me? Huh? lol

So will say again for the nth time, any company/contractor who always or almost always tells homeowners they need an interior system and sump pump are highly likely getting mislead, lied to, about to be ripped off. Gezz folks, they don’t even look-at, inspect the foundation wall to see if it is part or all of your actual problem (see my damn videos lol) OR they don’t ever say, have you check your lateral line or other things mentioned above, they always slickly deliver you to their interior terd-ball system and if some don’t mind i’ll inject politics here lol, eh… around 40% actually think/believe Donald the super genius Trump is honest, is best thing for the country etc, NONSENSE. And so imo these interior system companies have a chunk of the population that, ummm, imo easily bs’d, got dat, huh? Trump has been a lying, cheating criminal type ****ball a good chunk of his pathetic life, geez did ya bother to read, believe some-a lot of what Tony Schwartz and David Cay Johnston said man??? Ya think T-Boner Spurs is something like Jim Jones, huh? loolll There’s something quite wrong with the EDUCATION system in this country and a lack of common sense.