basement Yes / No ???

I have a client who owns several homes and has asked me a question which I was not sure of the answer and I would like some help on this matter. The house in question is a two (2) level above ground California style Deck house. Only less than one quarter (1/4) of one (1) side of the (4) sides of this house is **COVERED **by soil, which that room still has two (2) side by side windows that are not covered by soil. I was lead to believe that any house that IS COVERED three (3) sides or more by soil is considered a basement. Could some one call me to discuss this matter or Post me back. My office # is 240-566-5988 if I am not there it will automaticlly foward to my cell.

My son and I built his house - 3bd ranch, active solar, 3 sides buried. It is not a basement to me (or him).

For official definitions, in place of any local sources that may exist, I turn to the International Building Code which defines a “basement” as being “that part of a building that is partly or completely below grade”.

When the basement is considered, by definition, to be a “story above grade”, it is still a basement.

iIt seams to me that that is considered a cellar only a partial small section i would not call it a basement sincerely from Jose A. Guillen manufacturer building and home inspector.