Basic Electrical Calculations-Tom Henry

REMOVED- To Complicated For The Average Person…So I removed it so someone else can post some useless other electrical PDF…


More than half of us will look at your schematic, scroll up & down (as I did) and scratch their head.



I forgot to add the emoticon. Here…

Relax Buddy. I was simply insinuating that that schematic is very confusing to the average home inspector.

David: I agree, but it is very useful information!!

Thanks, Paul. I saved a copy.

I especially like the buttons to push at the bottom. :smiley: :cool:

I’ll get 'em to work some day…

REMOVED- everyone already knows ohms law and dwelling calculations…:slight_smile:


Sure Paul!

I REALLY need to grow up…

I hate it when I’m delayed and get somewhere too late to download valuable information. I’ll guess in the future I’ll just call it an M.D. (Margarita Delay).

RR I was also too slow

I understand that as HI’s we do not need the depth of knowledge that a professional in a certain areas do but going a little deeper into something does not hurt


Sometimes it’s that deeper stuff that really helps me understand the basic stuff.

I remember a brew-ha-ha a year or so ago about load calculations. I thought load calculations were interesting, but I would never use them as a home inspector. It did provide me with some extra knowledge that I can now use to help my Clients better understand the electricity that runs throughout their homes.

Paul was not in a good mood yesterday. Sorry Paul.


My post was not intended to piss you off, it was simply there to let you know how complicated Electrical tables can be if the average HI does not know what equals what. Example…VOLT-AMPERES (VA) = VOLTS x AMPERES

I ask that you re-post that table and understand that I try to be funny from time to time.

Once you do post that table, I have a simple calculator that the HI’s can utilize to get the answer they are seeking.
](Anderson-Bolds - Ohm's Law Calculator)

lol…David…no worries…most certainly…you did not Pi$$ me off fella…again no worries…something about someone “ELSE” making false statements based on a personal comment or experience actually did that…not you fella…

Thanks Buddy.

lol…I love that emoticon…lol

Hey Paul:

That PDF file is very useful. I was not able to read it until I got home, no offense taken, OK?

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PS: Please call me Joe or JT from now on …:mrgreen:

No problem Joe…I honestly have nothing against you joe…On the other posts I simply wanted to give a possible reason WHY the AHJ might have allowed something…not that I teach it that way or would allow it…Please do not always take my posts as the WAY I would teach it…I was only trying to give an opinion of WHY something MAY be allowed when an HI see’s something that just passed like in the case of dales comment…we know all AHJ’s are different and see things differently…

I would NEVER try to tell someone how to work around the code…only giving experiences I have seen…not what I might do…I did not think it would be a problem here since these are not electricians and really code plays no factor in their work habits…just a neat story to tell is all…

Again…I most certainly have learned my lesson…and it is…don’t give my opinions on anything…just give the facts…kinda takes the enjoyment out of me helping here…but oh well I probably wont be around long anyway with spring coming up and work is piling up.

Paul, yes we all have opinions and we should be able to express them whenever we want. Please continue.

I am always interested in hearing about experiences, and yours are always welcomed.

I have some old interpretations from way back in the 1940’s, and all they say is Yes or No to the question, someday I will try to post some of the earlier reasons for the rules we have in the code we preach, you would be surprised how the interpretations change as the time passes, sometimes because of the almighty dollar!

I have some extra NEC Reports I will send to you in the near future, so that you can see what I mean, I think I have the 1965 Preprint of the NEC Proposals [my first Code] with the suggested changes and the Committee’s reply, some of which would really make you laugh for sure, I mean LOL!

On he information you posted here, is this the same as the material we find in some older books, or was there something that changed?

I am aware of a few changes such as where MCM was changed to Kcmil, and Watts to VA [Volt Amperes],

Has electrical theory changed?