Basic electricity tutorial

Hi Greg,

Just so I understand this, … so long as I stay away from people with fillings buying carpeted houses I am safe? right?..right??? :wink:

Too funny, thanks for the find



It’s probably just one CEU, 4 for CMI’s, but well worth it.

Thanks, Greg! :smiley:

Watch out for your finger if you have carpet…

and examine your electricity closely…


Great find Greg I am amazed with all the things a person can learn on this NACHI BB.
thanks Roy Cooke

Oh man, this is too funny, I’m busting out laughing, and can’t stop!:stuck_out_tongue:
what a hoot!

Wow I’m impressed, I’ve been studying and working with electricity for years and never knew these facts. The electric companies have it worked out. My question is how does the insurance industry work. Thanks that’s good stuff.:mrgreen: