Batch add photos from app?

Is there a way to add more than 10 photos at a time with the app? I like to use my phone to take pictures at the site, upload them then write the report on a desktop. So far it only let’s me add 10 at a time which is time consuming.

You can upload the entire gallery with USB.

I agree, the 10 limit is pretty lame.

Hell I can’t even upload 1 pic. I go to batch add at the top, find the pics I want to add and I can’t click on them. They aren’t highlighted to where I can click on them. Any ideas?

The Batch Add is limited to 10 at a time on mobile devices due to the limited ram on the devices. You can batch add as many as you want on the desktop.

Philip, are you referring to the desktop or mobile app? What device?

Is there a reason you’re not taking the photos within Home Inspector Pro Mobile as you’re inspecting so they’re all already slotted?

I’m referring to desktop. I’m using mac and iPhone.

Solved in the other thread :wink:

On a sunny day, there is often too much glare on my phone screen to see the app. So while on a roof, I don’t slot. Also, I’m on a roof, and I don’t want to be slotting when I need to pay attention to where I’m stepping. Partially since we can’t take a bunch of photos at once without hitting the “OK” button.

If’s it’a 100 and I’m doing a pool, I may choose to not slot so I can get all the photos and slot them later when I’m sitting inside the AC without all that glare.

Attics, often I’m trying to balance myself, watch were I step so don’t put a foot through the ceiling, so again, I’d prefer to not mess with the app.

Sometimes there are other reasons, such as it’s 109 and the AC doesn’t work, the seller is creating drama, the agent/buyer are “in a hurry”, the house is gross, etc, so you just want to take a bunch of photos and get out of the house and put together the report later.

If you could ever figure out a work around the “OK” button so we could just take a bunch of photos in a row like the camera app, it would eliminate much of the need to slot later. Because hitting “OK” after each photos really slows down onsite slotting.

Depending on circumstances, I often find myself having to choose between “slot now and save time later” or “not slot now, get through inspection quicker” knowing it will add a ton of time later. Which, really comes down to that darn “OK” button.

I agree with Ian. Rapid fire photos would be appreciated.

I haven’t tried the new hip camera in HIP 5 but from what I understand you can do this^

That would be a massive game changer if true.

Yup, already done and being beta tested by guys right now. Ian, apply to join the Home Inspector Pro Beta users group Facebook and I’ll approve you since I consider you a power user.