bath exhaust vent pipe size

This made my inspection. I love Cleveland!!

200411 A 041 (Small).JPG

200411 A 041 (Small).JPG

200411 A 041 (Small).JPG

200411 A 042 (Small).JPG

Hi. Dave. I love the innovation design of that fan. :wink:

Is that K&T still in service?

That picture is as common as slice bread!

Yes the K & T is in service and improperly spliced with exposed wires. (common as sliced bread)

200411 A 047 (Small).JPG

How old was the fan and what kind of insulation was that, can’t make it out.

And by the way, Happy New Year my friend. :slight_smile:

Lets just say the insulation is lacking and the fan was pretty old.

Same to you my friend. Snow & cold is on its way, should be here later tomorrow and by you early next week.

Wife bought me snow shoes. I also bought a 4 X 4 jeep and have not had a chance to try yet.

Anyone use snow shoes?

200411 A 036 (Small).JPG

200411 A 039 (Small).JPG

Yep, old alright, and needs cleaning and upgrade for sure.

Good luck with your Jeep, nice ride. Snow shoes, dam, haven’t used that in 50 years. ha. ha. :):wink:

Hi Dave, nice pictures!!!

What kind of Jeep did you buy, I’m looking at Grand Cherokee’s

Last year we had so much snow I left my snow shoes in the truck all winter and used them a lot for the exterior.

So far this year we don’t have any snow, hasn’t been cold enough to even freeze the lakes but I hear it’s coming!!


I bought a Liberty but the Grand Cherokee is the best.

I drove a Wrangler and Cherokee and both are sweet!!!

I like my Liberty but go for the Cherokee.

I may need some training on the snow shoes!!