Bath fan/light

Ok guys, I know it can’t be in the stall, but what if it is right on the line.


Common sense.
Would you realy expect to be taken seriously.
Might as well write up that scratch on the wall.:slight_smile:

Wow Bob, are you in a bad mood tonight. I remember reading a spec for distance from the stall, I just can’t find it.

Well it is a little nit picky.:slight_smile:

Here Karl I will make it up to you if I sound crabby.

Thanks Bob,:slight_smile: do a advanced search of my user name to see what I have been dealing with. You only need today’s posts.:shock:

Oh that bad eh
I was out inspecting
got back a couple hours ago.

Bob, I found what I had read. I was remembering the 8ft and 3ft part and forgot the hanging part. This is not recessed or hanging, but you were right. Too picky, I’m letting go of this one. I do go by “write hard, miss nothing” though. but then there is over kill. Speaking of overkill you called a micro tester overkill and I asked how you test built-in micros and never got answered.:slight_smile:

I do not test them.
I check the fan and light .
I make sure if vented that the blower is aimed up.
If ventless call out for no charcoal filter.
Those things are not cheap.
If not new, the thing could stop working right after you test it.
I suppose I could grab a glass of water.

Oops Bob, I thought your SOP in IL was the same as mine. We must test all built-in appliances. Some times I forget HIs have differnt SOPs. (Especiallly after a very long day).

There’s actually nothing wrong with the fan/light combo installed there. The fan/light can even be installed within the shower enclosure if the circuit is GFI protected. That’s according to manufacturer’s install instructions.