Bathroom Door

I have never seen this before…
Would you note a Bathroom Door of Clear Glass on the Main Level of a Home as Unusual?
(Toilet visible in lower right side of picture behind door)
or not mention anything…

Poor taste is not anything I would report on.

Did the door function as intended, meaning, did it secure the Bathroom from intruders?

You have to admit
it is strange…

I reported as unusual…
I did not suggest it to be wrong…

Tempered glass?

And did it provide privacy…

I would report on it!

None of my business in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Exhibitonists have at it.

Saw a stripper pole mounted floor to wall at a condo in Vero Beach, FL yest. None of my bus…

Looks to me to have wood slats. What more do you need?

I would call it out as a defect and let the seller and his salesman try to argue with my client that it “meets code”. The only exception would be if the bathroom was accessed through a bedroom that had an opaque door.

Below copied from jhagarty’s original post:

Toilet visible in lower right side of picture behind (wood slats) door

What more do you need? :wink:

I was asked to install a half louvered door in a bathroom… when I confirmed with the customer the way the door was to face before striking the door for hinges, the customer enthusiastically indicated

“I want to be able to see in the bathroom from the outside, I have personal reasons as such. It’s why I ordered that door”


I would report it as a privacy issue.

I have had a few with no door or separation wall.

Most clients didn’t seem to care. :shock:

As I said…
I do not know if a code issue…

The installation deviates from reasonable expectation for this area…

Strange, I just showed a house the other day with exactly the same situation, could see right through the entire length of the door. Guess privacy is not an issue in that house because you have none while your in the bathroom. Maybe it was a safety feature so you could tell if the person using the bathroom was still alive.

I once had a house where the customer was extremely concerned about privacy so he had the toilet set up in the furthest corner of the house behind a wall. Unfortunately the designer forgot one minor detail. All the doors in the house lined up from the toilet towards the front door and the vanity mirror was angled in such a way so that any salesman knocking on the front door had a bird’s eye view directly at that toilet area. OOPS! :shock:

You need security and protection for your bathroom and for this you can install tough window film to prevent from intruders.

]( home windows

These owners were just so far ahead of us with the gender identity thing… And now we know, the rest of the story.

I had a friend growing up who lived in a contemporary ranch in a wooded setting. I kid you not… the master bathroom had a window-wall. Custom made… floor to ceiling. Entire exterior wall, corner to corner. No curtains. Faced the woods at the rear yard. House still there. New owners. Wall still there.

Strangest thing I ever saw…

Somebody said its a defect and to let the parties argue code. Its not a code issue.

They’re called voyeurs!